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Interferential Muscle Therapy

Inferential Muscle TherapyInterferential Muscle Therapy is a deeper form of electrical stimulation for the muscles. By crossing two individual current generators that “interfere” with each other, the desired treatment frequency within the body can be reached.  The carrier frequency easily overcomes skin resistance and penetrates the body deeper than a regular electrical stimulator, with less user discomfort for a given level of stimulation.

Benefits of Interferential Muscle Therapy

  • An increase in localized blood flow
  • Stimulation of local nerve cells that can have a pain reducing/analgesic effect by blocking the transmission of the pain signals or by stimulating the release of pain reducing endorphins
  • Muscle stimulation –  muscle contraction can be achieved through the external application of the electrical current, overcoming some of the muscle inhibition often caused by local injury

What Can You Expect During Treatment?

The patient should not feel any discomfort from the application of the interferential current.

The electrodes will usually be self adhering electrodes or carbon electrodes that are used with a damp sponge placed between the electrode and the patient’s skin.

During treatment patient will feel a tingling or ‘pins and needles’ sensation at the contact area of the electrodes and may also feel the tingling sensation throughout the area being treated.  This sensation may continue for a brief period following treatment as well.

Is Interferential Muscle Therapy Safe?

Absolutely! IMT has been used in physical therapy treatment for many years and has been proven to be extremely safe.

However, use should be avoided on individuals with pacemakers and near the lower back or abdomen of pregnant women.